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Your Information security

Maintaining the confidentiality and security of your personal information is one of the most important priorities in Trust International Islamic Bank, where we have taken appropriate measures to protect the confidentiality of your personal information and prevent it from unauthorized access, as the protection of your personal information is the responsibility of each of our employees. Trust International Islamic Bank continuously follows developments related to information protection and updates its policies and procedures to ensure compliance with the highest practices of banking service. When you choose to deal with us through one of our branches, ATMs, or online or mobile banking services, we are committed to maintaining the protection of your information, whether it is collected, used, or shared

Passwords are the keys to your accounts and personal information.  Below are some steps you can take to protect your personal information from unauthorized access.


  Do not use people’s names

  Do not use personal information

  Do not use common words

  Do not write it on a sticky paper

And do not save it on the computer screen

 Do not save the password in the drawer

 Do not use the same password for multiple apps

 Do not reuse old passwords


  Use at least six letters

  Use letters and numbers

  Use special characters if possible (@#&$)

  Use capital and small letters (A a)

Unite words into one word or use misspellings

Take extra precautions when writing your password.

  Change your passwords regularly

Beware of stealing your personal data through online Phishing

 It is a type of deception to obtain and use your personal information (such as electronic payment card numbers, passwords, account data, etc.) for fraudulent purposes.

 Online fraud professionals (internet hackers) may send thousands of fake emails that appear to be coming from trusted websites, such as the website of your bank, where these emails require personal information about you to be given through email or on an illicit website created by such hackers for fraudulent purposes.

Tips to protect you from online theft of your data Phishing

 If you receive a suspicious email that appears to be from the Trust International Islamic Bank, please do the following:

 Do not reply to the message, do not click on any electronic link, and do not make any changes to the electronic message in any way.

Contact us immediately and delete the email after reporting it to us.  ensure that your virus protection and anti-virus programs are up-to-date, especially if you accidentally clicked on the link or attachment to the email.

Other tips to protect your personal information

Be careful when shopping online.  Do not enter the electronic payment card number or your personal information unless you set up this process on a trusted website.  When you enter your electronic payment card numbers or your personal information, ensure that you are using a secure website.  Ensure that there is a security protection certificate for the website before entering your personal information.  Close the link from the browser when you have finished using it. It is better to use the personal protection program on your Personal Firewall computer.

Managing information obtained electronically

 Personal information received via electronic messages, including access to the Trust International Islamic Bank website or online banking services, or requests received electronically, are maintained to ensure that the privacy of your information is protected.  We may use this information to meet your banking needs, improve products and services, know the number of visitors to our website, and learn about the opportunities that enable us to better serve you.

Tracking website usage cookies

 When accessing any website, your device will temporarily store certain information in the form of files known as cookies.  Cookies are used to identify or track computers that have visited the site, as they do not collect any information that personally identifies you and are not used to collect information stored on your device. You can deactivate “cookies” by making the necessary adjustments on your device using the tools on your “browser”.

How do we protect you?

 Information security protection

 Maintaining the confidentiality and security of your personal and financial information is one of our most important responsibilities.  Your information will remain protected due to security measures taken such as encryption/coding, access documentation, virus protection software, and unauthorized access detection software.

Prevention of identity theft

 Criminal activities, including identity theft and fraud, have become more widespread today than it was in the past.  Since criminals, in their quest to obtain personal information about you, may contact you claiming that they represent an organization that you deal with, for this reason, you must ensure that you know or can verify the identity of the person or entity that addressed you to obtain personal or related information banking capacity, whether verbally or in writing.  Please note that Trust International Islamic Bank does not request such information, whether via phone or e-mail, and if you receive a similar request, please contact us to report it immediately.

Changing this policy

 Betweenwhiles, we may need to make changes to our Information Security Policy.  The updated version will be published on the website of Trust International Islamic Bank.

For more information

In case of any further inquiries about this Policy or if you would like further information about our privacy protection procedures, please contact us.