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In confirmation of interest of the Trust International Islamic Bank in the field of the customer, protection to ensure that they have access to financial and banking services in an integrated framework of transparency and disclosure, and to enable them to make their decisions on sound foundations. We set forth below the rights and responsibilities of the customer to be aware of during the conduct of banking transactions.

First Customer’s Rights:

 – Receiving fair, equal, and honest treatment by all bank employees.

– Obtaining clear, accurate, and transparent information on all products and services used professionally.

– The bank must maintain the confidentiality and privacy of the customer’s financial and personal information, and not disclose it to anyone except in accordance with the laws and legislation in force.

 – Obtaining copies of contracts, terms, and conditions, details of fees, and commissions on products and services benefited from.

– Not signing any financial documents or contracts with empty or incomplete data.

– If the customer does not understand any conditions or procedure related to the service or product that customer wishes to obtain, customer must submit his inquiries to the concerned bank employees, so that customer can make decisions based on a clear and complete vision.

 – To choose among the products and services offered to him/her the most appropriate to customer circumstances and real capabilities and to meet his actual needs.

– To seek the advice of the bank’s specialized employees in the case of facing any financial difficulties that prevent customer from complying with the terms of the contract with customer or using the services and products provided to customer.

Second Customer Responsibilities:

  – To read carefully all the documents provided to customer by the bank when obtaining any service or product, with the importance of knowing any fees, commissions, or any obligations or responsibilities incurred.

– To be truthful in the information customer provides to the bank.

– To know about the risks that may arise from using a service or product provided by the bank, through inquiries addressed to specialists about the effects of those risks, and customer must avoid them whenever possible.

– Review and ensure the accuracy of all documents provided by the bank before signing them.

– To update customer personal and banking data with the bank whenever the bank requests customer to do so or whenever there is a change in it.

–  To inform the bank as soon as customer becomes aware that some banking transactions were carried out on customer accounts that customer does not know about and their reasons, or those for which customer was not authorized to complete them.

-To be careful to keep confidential its information on its dealings with the Bank and not disclosed to any other party.