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  • How can I open a current account?

    You can easily open a current account in our bank by visiting one of our branches located throughout Iraq or through the Internet Bank application.

  • What documents do I need to open a current account?

    National card or (civil status identity + nationality certificate), residence card, passport copy, 2 photos.

  • Are bank deposits subject to the guarantee?

    Yes, Trust Bank deposits are subject to guarantee by the Iraqi Company For Deposit Insurance (with Trust Bank, your deposit is guaranteed and your compensation is urgent).

  • What are the requirements for obtaining a Mastercard?

    The four documents + filling out the Mastercard + Passport

  • What are the types of transfers in the Trust Bank?

    Trust Bank provides several types of money transfers, including (Western Union transfers, Swift transfers, ACH transfers, RTGS transfers, and transfers through the phone application).

  • Does Trust Bank offer Murabaha

    Yes, Trust Bank offers many types of Murabaha such as Marriage Murabaha, Hajj and Umrah Murabaha, Postgraduate Murabaha, Murabaha with Golden, Murabaha for buying a car, Murabaha for purchasing equipment ...

  • What are the official working hours ?

    Our working hours are from Sunday to Thursday,  from 8 am to 3 pm

  • Do I have to visit the bank for any financial transactions?

    No, you can easily manage most of your financial and banking operations through the Internet Banking application or through the mobile application, in addition to the possibility of using the ...

  • Does the bank provide a documentary credit service?

    Yes, Trust Bank offers the documentary credits service to customers in all branches of the bank