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Our Mission:

To offer a variety of modern Islamic banking products and services, in all sectors and governorates, to a wide customer base, with a broad coverage of Islamic financing formulas and local and international banking services, in addition to adopting creative and innovative solutions, achieving financial inclusion and protecting the public while complying with our great Islamic Sharia, the law and international standards and implementing comprehensive quality requirements.

Our Vision:
The leading Islamic bank.


Our Core Values:
• Sincere compliance with Sharia.
• Financial inclusion and protection of the public.
• Disclosure and transparency for financial customers.
• The customer is a strategic partner.
• Ensuring the confidentiality of customers’ transactions.
• Reaching various segments of customers through our network of branches and offices.
• Offering a variety of creative Islamic banking solutions.
• Employing modern technology in our operations, products and services.
• Excellence and innovation in service provision.
• Teamwork.
• Professionalism in modern banking activities.
• Determination to change, grow and develop