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Trust Bank Cards

TIIB Mastercard is a fast, easy, and safe way to control your money anywhere and anytime. As bankcards can be used to withdraw money from ATMs, through direct sales points, or online purchases. Holders of TIIB Mastercard from the Trust International Islamic Bank can benefit from special discounts on purchases (up to 50%) in many shops, restaurants, hotels, and others.
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  • High level of security

    Enjoy 3D Secure

  • Support and help

    Trust Bank provides a dedicated support team 24/7

  • Offers and discounts

    Enjoy a wide range of offers and discounts

TIIB Mastercard features

Trust Bank offers a variety of Mastercard with advanced features that make it easier for the customer to withdraw, deposit, and shop from anywhere, quickly and securely.

Online shopping and promotion

Used for online shopping

Payment through points of sale

It is used to pay through P.O.S around the world

Withdraw from the ATM

Used to withdraw cash from ATMs

Customer's name is on the card

The customer's name is printed on the Mastercard

Special offers

You can now take advantage of the offers offered to Trust Bank Mastercard holders

Offer until 12/31/2023


Advances up to 10 million Iraqi Dinar

Offer until 12/31/2023


Applying for cars (sold in installments)

  • Requirements to get IQD Mastercard

    The required documents:

    • - Civil status identity + Nationality certificate (or National card)
    • - 2 Personal photos
    • - Residence card
    • - Filling out the dinar card form
    • - A valid passport
  • Features of Mastercard

    The Trust Bank Mastercard is distinguished by the following:

    • 1. It is used for online shopping.
    • 2. It is used for payment through P.O.S. around the world.
    • 3. It is used to withdraw cash from the Automated Teller Machine (ATM).
    • 4. The customer's name is written on the card.
    • 5. The card is issued in Iraqi dinar currency.
    • 6. Valid for one year.
    • 7. Sending a text message for each financial transaction containing the available balance in the account.
    • 8. Sending a text message when recharging.
    • 9. Sending a monthly statement of card transactions to the cardholder's email.
    • 10. Customer service 24/7.
    • 11. Free recharge.
    • 12. The minimum limit for the card balance is (10,000) Iraqi dinars.
    • 13. The maximum limit for the card balance is (12,000,000) Iraqi dinars.
    • 14. The cash withdrawal limit per day is (2,000,000) Iraqi dinars.
    • 15. The daily purchase limit via P.O.S. points of sale is (3,000,000) Iraqi dinars.
    • 16. The daily online purchase and payment limit, E-Commerce, is (3,000,000) Iraqi dinars.
    • 17. The cash withdrawal limit per month is (12,000,000) Iraqi dinars.
    • 18. The number of daily withdrawals from the ATM: 3 times.
    • 19. The number of purchases through P.O.S. points of sale: 20 times.
    • 20. The number of daily E-Commerce purchases and payments: 20 times.
    • 21. It contains the 3D Secure security verification system when making purchases and payments online E-Commerce.
    • 22. Cash withdrawal commission within Iraq within the National Exchange Network: 2,000 IQD or 2 USD.
    • 23. Purchase commission via local P.O.S., i.e. the same card currency: 0% (no commission deducted from the customer's account).
    • 24. SMS Commission: 120 IQD.