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Information about

Current Account

The current account is the best option for customers to the banking deal in the Trust International Islamic Bank because it enables them to manage expenses and financial obligations. It is an on-demand account, which does not participate in the profits of the investment and does not bear its risks. The bank may invest some or all of the current account balances so that the profits or losses resulting from these investments return to the bank.
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Enjoy financial freedom and be distinguished with us

Current Account


Fast and flexible

The current account provides you with freedom, speed, and flexibility in your financial transactions

Current Account Features

Your current account in our bank will meet all your needs

  • Flexible and ease

    Deposit and withdraw at any time without any conditions

  • Check book

    Obtain a checkbook according to the bank policy

  • Mastercard

    You can get your TIIB Mastercard

  • SMS

    SMS with All your Transactions

  • Online payment

    Ability to Pay all your purchases online

  • Multi currency

    Current account is available in all main currencies

The required documents

The following are the main documents required to open an Current account

Civil status ID + nationality certificate
Or just National ID

The passport
must be valid


a company seal is required to open the account

last company board meetings report