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Mobile Branch

As a procession and perfecting the Islamic bank entrepreneur’s job led by the bank using cutting-edge banking technology expansion and propagation indulges with a financial inclusive conception. The Trust International Islamic bank smart branch will also be launched in the Umara branch and soon comprises the initiative as well as the following branches:

♦ Basra Branch

♦ Najaf Branch

♦ Karbala Branch

🔷Mobile Branch Objectives

This branch aims to reach remote places from the city center for instance villages and rural places with no bank existence, communicate with people, rise banking awareness, and ease transportation issues, “my bank on the way” carries slogans importantly “reach to wherever you are” and “bank services with you whenever and wherever you are”.

🔷Mobile Branch Features

Our neat branch is a medium size bus equipped with the latest technology for example smart and modern technical devices through accurate and adequate details of the mobile branch. In addition to the instructions from the ATM for withdrawal and depositing cash and other facilities.

🔷Mobile Branch Services

The branch provides banking services, for instance, identifying bank accounts and obtaining benefits necessary on daily basis as well as providing banking services, consultations, and other services.

Trust International Islamic bank is always at the top of development and the modern banking sector through a bundle of electronic services, which simplifies accounts management and clients communication instead of visiting the branch in person by updating Islamic banking services suitable for all society ages and their needs.

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