ودع الان امولك مع مصرف الثقة واحصل على عائد ربحي عالي


It is a  contract through which the first party (the manufacturer who asks for a service) asks the second party (the manufacturer who works) to make or build a specific project, in addition to a profit paid in advance in a fragmented manner or for a specific period. This relates to the formula in which the deal was concluded, which is delivery, not the purchase of goods as they are, but rather manufactured materials that have been subjected to several stages of transferring.

It is possible for three parties to intervene in the Istisna’a formula in Islamic banks: the bank, the owner of the project, and the contractor, in the framework of a parallel Istisna’a.

 Istisna’a’ is a formula according to which the Islamic bank carries out construction, installation, and completion of major works. It also helps in financing the construction of production, transportation, and consumption facilities, according to the demand of users and sellers,