ودع الان امولك مع مصرف الثقة واحصل على عائد ربحي عالي


This sale is based on the sale of an urgent price or the sale of something prescribed as a liability, that is, the sale of a particular commodity that has not yet been produced on the understanding that the information gender, type, amount, description and price, so that the price of the commodity is paid expeditiously and the delivery of the commodity is postponed for a given period and the goods can be delivered on the specified date contract, noting that the sale is final and does not have a conditional option for the contractors or one of them. The Bank enters into these contracts on the basis of the forward purchase of the goods in exchange for their prompt payment. In return, it resells a quantity similar to the specifications of what it bought to a third party under a parallel selm sale contract, not the sale of what it bought, and the two contracts are not linked.