ودع الان امولك مع مصرف الثقة واحصل على عائد ربحي عالي


Mudarabah means that the bank, in its capacity as the owner of the money, pays money to the customer as the speculator to trade with, provided that the profit is shared between the bank and the customer according to the agreement between them. As for the loss, it is borne by the bank in its capacity as the owner of the money, provided that there is no default or infringement on the part of the speculator customer, who loses his effort in this case. In this range, the bank will make sure, before financing, of the customer’s ability and eligibility to perform the Mudarabah work, and the portion of both the bank and the speculator customer in the profit will be determined in a fractional and rational manner, and that it is not a lump amount.

One of the most important conditions of Mudarabah is that only the speculator has the right to manage the Mudarabah process, so the owner of the money does not interfere in managing the Mudarabah except to the extent of ascertaining the obligation of the speculators to implement the terms of their contract.